Social Innovator Chris Vanstone on July 18

Greetings design thinkers

Exciting news! We are delighted to welcome speaker Chris Vanstone of the The Australian Centre for Social Innovation to the next Design Thinking Drinks on July 18.

Working Backwards to Great Living

Chris Vanstone co-leads the Radical Redesign Team at the Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) and is co-founder of InWithFor. Radical Redesign blends service design and design thinking with social science, community development, and business to co-design new kinds of social solutions.  Last year the team worked with families, state government and local NGOs to develop and launch their first social start-up: Family by Family – a finalist in this years’ Australian Good Design Awards.   Currently the team is working with older people and their families to prototype two new solutions in the area of ageing and caring:  Weavers and Care Reflect.

In the UK Chris was a founding member of the Design Councils’ RED team and Participle before co-founding InWithFor with Sarah Schulman and moving to Australia to set up the Radical Redesign Team.

We’ve been stalking Chris for over a year. This is one of his rare visits to Sydney – don’t miss out! Bookings essential, register at

Look forward to seeing you there!

Deborah and the team

This event is brought to you by Deborah Kneeshaw

Proudly sponsored by Thoughtworks


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